What is the content of the Managed Services and Hosting Summit?

Creating Value with Managed Services

The UK Managed Services Summit 2018 will address key issues in the IT industry. Top of these is the changing role of channel as it transitions from hardware and software supply to full IT and Cloud service provider. This has implications for sales processes, how a new stack of technologies is built, supported and expanded and how businesses find and create value in the new model.

This event, now in its eighth year will consider:
  • What the new digitalising client wants and expects
    Research shows that customers are investing in technology and this will increase as they explore more detailed digitalisation of their organisations. But the questions being asked of channels are very different; technology services suppliers are expected to have answers. Who are they listening to?
  • An IT market where all the future growth will be in the cloud
    How does the traditional IT reseller create the new sort of business? Which technologies are in the stack and which tools ease the transition? Where and how can skills in the new model be acquired and built? What sort of organisation works best in this world?
  • Building a solution stack and consultancy model
    In a market facing commoditisation and global competition, technology providers have to differentiate what they do from the rest. We have a number of established service providers revealing their “secret sauce” and how they enjoy margins that traditional IT can only dream of.
  • The ever-growing demands for security
    Facing not just the traditional threats, customers are expecting a much wider understanding of particular aspects of malware, back-up and it implications, cyber-security, risk analysis and regulations. Channels need to have a much wider grasp of concerns, and be able to deliver answers.
  • The impact of new legislation and compliance rules
    Not just GDPR which comes into effect in 2018, but how the rules are imposed in different sectors and regions of the UK and Europe. How the channel works with the new layer of compliance officers.
  • How the new business creates value and how this value is measured
    Where does the value lie in the asset-light business? How is it measured? Using those tests, which are the sectors which are valued in the market? What is the M&A timetable for growth and exit?
  • Building strong vendor relationships
    In a fast-growing market, there are major investments coming from suppliers who want to help in reskilling and supporting channels. How do you take advantage of what is on offer as the journey to services is undertaken?

To make this a powerful and useful event, the organisers are assembling a group of experts, service providers who have proved their success, vendors aiming to displace some of the traditional solutions and ideas from associated areas of sales, mergers and acquisitions, regulation and research. An established event, now in its eighth year, and offering a tight focus on what delivers real value for attendees, the UK Managed Services Summit 2018 is a day not to be missed.

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